Almost everybody procrastinates at sometime or other. Putting off the odd task is just the human condition.  Usually it’s no big deal … no problem.

But sometimes procrastination will destroy the parts of your life that matter most. For example:

 Are you losing promotions, raises and recognition at work (and maybe you are in danger of losing your job) because you keep putting off what’s important?

 Does your family life suffer because you’re putting off the cleaning, the invitations, and the opportunities to connect?

 Do you find yourself tense and stressed because you never quite lose that nagging feeling of, “There’s something I need to be doing right now?”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine what your life will be like when you can say truthfully:

  • “I get the important stuff done today – the cleaning, the report for my boss, the bills, the phone calls – even the  college assignment.”
  • ” I meet deadlines and exceed work targets comfortably. “
  • “I have time to enjoy both work and play.  I’m achieving my goals and doing myself justice.  I know what it is to feel free.”

I’m EJ McAllister, formerly a practising Barrister and formerly a Champion Procrastinator. I had piles of paper on my desk and I dreaded going through them.  I took care of my clients but I was always stressed and struggling to keep up with my schedule.

I explored many techniques.  I read books.  I talked to everyone I knew.

Nothing worked until I discovered a technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT.  This approach resembles acupuncture but without invasive needles.  It seemed strange and simplistic, especially to someone with my training and background.  But it worked.

Frankly, I was surprised myself.  I was able to enjoy my life.  I kept my obligations and served my clients more effectively than ever.

Today, I work as a consultant and mentor, helping others to achieve the same results.  I specialise in helping busy professionals who are experiencing the same pressures I did.  I understand the unique stresses of serving clients in a professional capacity and I want to share what I learned, so they won’t have to invest the time, energy and resources to get the same results.

If you’d like to explore further, please send me an email or phone me  and we will schedule a get-acquainted discovery session to see if I’m the best resource for you – contact details shown below. I also work in person (Biggleswade on the A1) or at your offices by arrangement (London/Northern Home Counties/Cambs) or via ‘phone and video Skype.


Phone: 01767 221814/07904 03338

To learn more about the services I offer, click here.


EJ Mc Allister is an EFT Master Practitioner and member of the Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies.

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